Spencer is a sleek, streamlined engine privately owned by the Duke and Duchess of Boxford.


Spencer was brought to Sodor to show the Duke and Duchess of Boxford around the island. He ran out of coal and water despite Gordon's warnings. On his next visits, he lost a race to Edward, developed a rivalry with Thomas and attempted to stop him from restoring Hiro. He remained on Sodor for some time afterwards and helped Thomas with deliveries to the summer house, teased James for being pink, had a repaint at the Sodor Steamworks, and got covered in snow by Gordon. On a later visit, he showed Stafford around Sodor, but ignored the fact that he needed to charge up on batteries.


Spencer is very arrogant and pompous and considers himself to be above doing menial duties such as shunting. None of the engines like him, especially Thomas and Gordon. When he came to build the summer house, Spencer proved himself to be very nosey, sneaky, disobedient and rather neglectful. Despite being closely related, Gordon and Spencer have never gotten on very well with each other. This is mainly because of his pompous behaviour, which exceeds even that of Gordon's. Despite this, he has shown a kind side when he realised his mistakes. This side once came through when he helped Percy find his way home to Tidmouth Sheds.


Spencer is painted metallic silver with black lining. He has red nameplates with his name written in gold.




  • Spencer's whistle is a stock sound effect of a GWR whistle.
  • In his The Great Race promotional video, it states he is the holder of the world speed record for steam locomotives. In the actual special, it's stated that he's a former world record holder.
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