The second season of The Adventures on Sodor premiered on March 3rd, 2018 and is expected to conclude in early 2019.


Screenshot Title Written by Original Publication Date Episode Number
Diesel Disappearing Diesel OliverDuckandToad11 March 3, 2018 1
The tower at Great Waterton has been destroyed once again by some runaway trucks that came loose from Diesel, who tries to hide away fearing he'll be sent away from Sodor.
Harvey Unique Engines OliverDuckandToad11 March 4, 2018 2
'Arry and Bert tease Harvey for his appearance, but soon get what they deserve after an accident at the Fenland.
Henry Haunted Henry's Forest OliverDuckandToad11 March 5, 2018 3
Salty tells Henry about a ghost engine that haunts his forest at night, in which Henry later comes face to face with the ghost.
Smudger Trouble on the Line OliverDuckandToad11 March 7, 2018 4
The engines on the Skarloey Railway are getting hot and bothered from all the heat whilst they work, so the Thin Controller sends Smudger to help out on the railway, but he causes trouble, as well as confusion and delay.
Belle Fire at Ffarquhar OliverDuckandToad11 March 10, 2018 5
An accident at Ffarquhar causes the sheds to set alight, and Belle and Flynn, with the help of the Sodor Fire Brigade, roll to the rescue!
TheFatController The New Controller OliverDuckandToad11 March 11, 2018 6
The Fat Controller injures his leg at Tidmouth Sheds and has to stay in hospital, while a man named Mr. Johnson is in charge of the railway for a while, but he is very rude and lazy, and causes turmoil chaos on the railway.
James Trouble with Brake Vans OliverDuckandToad11 March 17, 2018 7
James has to use Bradford as the brake van for his train, but after he causes James' train to break away on Gordon's Hill, James simply refuses to work with him.
James Jealous James OliverDuckandToad11 March 18, 2018 8
James becomes jealous of the Flying Scotsman and tries his best to be as famous as him, but his attempts only backfire. However, when Scotsman is unable to take some passengers to a station on the Mainland, James' chance soon comes.
Rusty The Return of Boulder OliverDuckandToad11 March 24, 2018 9
An accident has occurred at the mountain where Boulder is resting atop of, and this causes Boulder to fall off the mountain and start chasing Rusty down the line, as well as cause chaos on the railway.
Duncan Duncan's Discovery OliverDuckandToad11 March 25, 2018 10
Duncan is asked to take a train to Ulfstead Castle after he helps with the reconstruction of the quarry, but on the way there, he goes down a disused line and finds an amazing discovery.
Bertram The "Ghost" Warrior OliverDuckandToad11 April 3, 2018 11
Despite being known as the "Old Warrior" for his bravery, Bertram encounters the Ministry of Defence engine at his old mine while guarding it one night, and he isn't so brave then.
Jack Jack and the Quack OliverDuckandToad11 April 6, 2018 12
Jack accidentally damages a duck pond and is disappointed when he is forced to look everywhere for the ducks.
Ferdinand Back to Misty Island OliverDuckandToad11 TBA 13
Sidney Sidney Gets Lost OliverDuckandToad11 TBA 14
Dennis Long Lost Twins OliverDuckandToad11 TBA 15
Thomas The Ghostly Tale of Timothy OliverDuckandToad11 TBA 16
Duke Duke Does it All OliverDuckandToad11 TBA 17
Timothy Timothy and the Aquarium OliverDuckandToad11 TBA 18
NoImagePlaceholder Pile Driver Pedro OliverDuckandToad11 TBA 19
NoImagePlaceholder Pedro Deep Down OliverDuckandToad11 TBA 20


Characters introduced


  • This season is set within the events of the twenty-first season of Thomas & Friends.
  • The season was going to be quite different before premiering:
    • It would have originally started premiering in September 2017, but its' release was pushed to November 2017 instead, it was then pushed again to March 2018, due to the author being very busy with school.
    • There was going to be twenty-eight episodes in this season, but the number of episodes was changed to twenty-six and then again to twenty. This was done because of the author being very busy at school.
    • There was a double-length three-part episode titled "Journey to London" planned for this season. The plot would've been where Gordon, Spencer and the Flying Scotsman would be taking a goods train to London, but are outrun by diesels on the way. The three-part episode was cancelled because the author was planning on writing a special with a similar storyline (which is also now cancelled). The three-part episode ended up being replaced with The Return of Boulder, Duncan's Discovery and The "Ghost" Warrior. However, the author also had plans on making a three-part narrow gauge episode to replace the aforementioned episode.
    • The episodes Theo and Fergus, Duncan's Dilemma, Fast as a Rocket, Bad for My Swerves!, Trapped in Tidmouth and A Treasury Christmas were all going to be part of this season, but were pushed to the third when the author decreased the episode number to twenty.