Neil was a dark green tank engine with an unusual box shape and a Scottish accent. He is a simple but kind engine, who befriended Skarloey when he was young.


Neil was built at Neilson and Company's Hyde Park Works in Glasgow, Scotland around 1856, for the Sodor and Mainland Railway and was a typical contractors' engine of the period. In 1865, he helped to ferry Skarloey from the port of Kirk Ronan to his home at the Skarloey Railway terminus of Crovan's Gate. He warned Skarloey about trucks and the two became friends.


Neil is a kind and hardworking engine, but has a tendency to be grouchy and lose his temper. Working on the Kirk Ronan Branch Line, he is a mixed traffic engine, pulling both coaches and trucks with ease.


Neil is painted dark green with "S&M 2" written on his tank sides in yellow.


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