Ivo Hugh

Ivo Hugh, named after the Skarloey Railway's former foreman, Mr. Ivo Hugh, is a young narrow gauge tank engine.


Ivo Hugh was named in honour of Mr. Hugh for his years of outstanding service. He was a brand new engine and was still learning his way around until one day as he was sent to take supplies to the Old Wooden Bridge, he arrived at a junction heading for the bridge, but the points were set to a disused line and the signalman was sleeping inside the signalbox. Ivo Hugh tried several attempts to wake the signalman, but it was no use. So as a result, Ivo had no choice but to head down the line that was currently in disuse. Whilst travelling along the line, he broke down in an abandoned forest and his crew went to get help, but they mysteriously never returned! As months passed, some workmen found Ivo Hugh sat in the forest alone and because there was nobody else around, they put the young engine in a nearby shed where he remained for years and was forgotten about.

Twenty years later, Duncan was forced down the same line as Ivo Hugh and ended up in the same location that the latter broke down in. The yellow engine suddenly notices a shed nearby and puffs over to it where his crew opened the doors.


Ivo Hugh is hardworking, shy and innocent. He relies on the knowledge and experience of the older engines to help get his jobs done and will always brighten up an engine's spirits if they are feeling down.


Ivo Hugh is painted red with blue-and-yellow lining. He also has his name and number painted with yellow lettering on either side of his tanks.

In The Adventures on Sodor, Ivo Hugh's livery is almost exactly the same as it was in the Railway Series, albeit with a few differences; he no longer has the number "7" on the sides of his coal bunkers as Freddie already gained the number and he has black buffers instead of silver ones.



  • In the television series, Ivo Hugh was replaced with Freddie as the seventh engine on the Skarloey Railway. However in The Adventures on Sodor, Freddie remains as the number '7' engine while Ivo Hugh does not have a number.
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