Emily is a large Stirling Single tender engine.


When Emily first came to Sodor, she took Annie and Clarabel by mistake, causing Thomas and the other engines to be very cross with her. However, after saving Oliver from a collision at the crossover, all was forgiven and she was rewarded with two coaches of her very own.


Emily acts as a sisterly figure to the other engines. She is kind and friendly and always sensitive to the other engines' feelings. If she wrongs someone, knowingly or not, she is quick to apologise.


Emily is painted emerald green with gold and yellow lining. She has chocolate running-boards and silver buffers.




  • Although the second female steam engine to ever appear in the television series (the first being Lady), Emily is the first female steam engine to appear and remain on a regular basis.
  • Emily is the first character besides Thomas himself to say his infamous phrase, "Cinders and Ashes", which was done in Tickled Pink.
  • Emily is the only member of the Steam Team not created by Wilbert Awdry.
  • According to Robert Gauld-Galliers's concept art, Emily was originally going to have handrails on top of her smokebox, three front coupling chains and a gold symbol on her wheel arch.
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