Elizabeth is a vintage steam lorry who often works alongside the Skarloey Railway.


Elizabeth was The Fat Controller's first lorry he had ever drove back in his younger days. Elizabeth was left in a shed sometime after, and was discovered by Thomas and his crew many years later. Jem Cole restored Elizabeth and she is now back in good working order.


Elizabeth does not like laziness or rudeness and will respond to both in the strongest terms. Because of this, she can often come off as harsh and severe.

Although she believes roads are superior to rails, she often helps the engines out. She is very sensitive about how others refer to her by her age.


Elizabeth is painted maroon with gold and black stripes and a brown tipper.




  • Elizabeth is the only character able to insult the Fat Controller without getting into trouble, as she was the first lorry he ever drove.
  • Elizabeth is presumably named after Queen Elizabeth II, the current Queen of the United Kingdom. She was also built in 1926, the same year as the Queen was born. In the original concept art done by Robert Gauld-Galliers, her original name was "Grumpy".
  • A Sentinel steam bus (originally a lorry) that gives tour rides around Weston-super-Mare (formerly around Whitby) is named after Elizabeth.