Daisy is a diesel railcar who works on the Harwick Branch Line with Ryan. She formerly worked on Thomas' Branch Line.


Daisy first arrived on Sodor when Thomas crashed into the Stationmaster's house and had to be sent away for repairs. She then had an incident with a bull later on, annoying Toby and Percy even more than they already had. However, she received her comeuppance when Percy crashed into the break van and the Fat Controller deemed her "lazy", but gave her another chance. She has also had a number of arguments with George the Steamroller.


Daisy can be hard to please, most indignant, and highly opinionated. She is confident in herself and can sometimes boast of her abilities in particular situations, unconcerned, despite having never actually been in such a position before. She will sometimes presume she can show other engines a thing or two, despite knowing little on the matter, until she actually learns for herself. Daisy is good friends with the other engines on Thomas' branch line, tries to work much harder to be a useful engine, and is better capable of handling things alone.


Daisy is painted light green. She wears makeup, including eyelashes, red lipstick, blush, and blue eyeshadow.




  • Daisy was the first female engine introduced in the series.
  • Some of the stories involving Daisy reflect events in real life that were faced by railway staff when it came to dealing with "highly sprung" diesel engines in the earlier phases of dieselisation.
  • Daisy's second season horn sound is Diesel's in a whole step higher in pitch.
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