Charlie is a tank engine who loves to tell jokes and have fun.


Charlie came to Sodor to work as a shunting engine at Knapford Yards. He has been known to tell jokes and even before he arrived it was rumoured by Percy that Charlie was the "most fun engine ever." Thomas was skeptical, but when the playful purple engine arrived, Thomas tried to prove that he was just as fun! Charlie then tried to prove that Edward was old and not fun, but the kind blue engine soon showed him that there is a time and place for everything, and being "fun" is not always a priority when there is work to be done.


Charlie has a reputation for being a really fun engine. He has an unquenchable desire for fun, games and play, and is said to have been the favourite engine of the Mainland Controller. Charlie can get easily distracted by his japes, sometimes distracting others in the process. Charlie can be pouty, huffy, and teasing at times, but he always wants everyone to be enjoying themselves. Often though, Charlie will learn that the opinions of others, keeping calm and working hard to complete your jobs foremost, are important if you want to be a Really Useful engine. He has a good working relationship with Edward, often calling him "Eddie", who is sometimes capable of taking Charlie under his wing, and Thomas, who Charlie enjoys racing and sharing in the fun with. Being a fun-loving, playful scamp, cheeky Charlie is popular at parties and fairs, is well liked by the children, and known for his youthful humour.


Charlie is painted purple with gold and light purple trim and red wheels; he has the number "14" painted in gold on his sides.




  • Charwelton, a Manning Wardle O Class preserved at the Kent and East Sussex Railway, is also numbered 14.
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