• Number: D2, formerly D5702
  • First Appearance: Geoffrey's Real
  • Friends: Everyone (except D40125 and the Mainland Diesels)
  • Enemies: D40125, The Mainland Diesels
  • Class: BR Class 28
  • Designer: Metropolitan Vickers
  • Builder: Bowesfield Works
  • Built: 1958
  • Configuration: Co-Bo
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1965
  • Top speed: 75 mph

BoCo is a mixed traffic diesel engine, who works on Edward's Branch Line.


BoCo was given a stressful welcome from Bill and Ben with their antics, but eventually became well at home on the North Western Railway. He works happily with Edward, and the two engines are very good friends.


BoCo is a tame diesel engine, who is sensible, kind, and has a decent sense of humour. Upon his arrival, he was unfortunate enough to be set upon by the mischievous Bill and Ben, when, thinking he had intentionally stolen their trucks, they pretended to be one engine and nearly made his eyes pop out. BoCo is now wise to the tank engine twins' pranks though he still somewhat humours them to a point. He is also good friends with Bill, Ben, Edward, and Duck. He is a true friend and is often willing to stick up for the underdog. BoCo is firm, but fair and friendly in his nature, not being afraid to speak his mind. Even Gordon soon thought of him in high regards when he "saved" him from Bill and Ben's antics. BoCo upholds a more praiseworthy and respectable, likeable image for diesel engines everywhere, being happy to show the more pompous steam engines that diesels have their uses. BoCo helps bring good order across Edward's branch line, even occasionally pulling main line trains, as the Fat Controller recognises how versatile he is.


BoCo is painted light green with the number "D5702" written on the sides of his cab in white.




  • BoCo's name is often mis-capitalised as "Boco".
  • In the television series, BoCo and Daisy shared some of the same face masks, with Daisy's face having added make-up.
  • BoCo's third season horn is Mavis' horn at a lower pitch. His original horn was Diesel's at a lower pitch. He also shared a horn sound with Daisy in Seasons 4 and 5.
  • BoCo is one of two characters to have his real-life basis mentioned on-screen (the other being Merlin).
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