Bertram is an old narrow gauge tender engine who worked at the mines.


Bertram used to work on the Mid Sodor Railway with Falcon, Stuart, Duke, Freddie and Smudger. He had been on many adventures in his heyday which explains his adventurous and talkative behaviour. When the railway closed down, and Stuart and Falcon were sold to the Skarloey Railway, Bertram (like Duke) was left abandoned at the old mines for many years and was lost and forgotten. Years later however, Toby, the Fat Controller, and his grandchildren discovered the Old Mine where Bertram had been in isolation. Toby, who was put on guard later in its restoration, found the "Old Warrior" resting close to an old warehouse. After that, Bertram was swiftly put back into service. He now works happily on the Skarloey Railway, working in the mines and quarries just like in his heyday.


Bertram is brave, wise, adventurous and hardworking. He has a knack of storytelling, which can often irritate the other engines, especially Sir Handel who has started to take a dislike to the Old Warrior because of his talkative behaviour. Despite everything, Bertram is a kind-hearted soul who tends to make any engine on the Skarloey Railway feel welcome to any place they visit. He is also a guardian, as he often stays at the mines at night to keep watch of any intruders. During this moment, Bertram shows very little of his wise personality and acts hostile and aggressive to engines or humans that intrude the mine. If it is an engine or human that Bertram is familiar with, then he'll let them off. But in all other cases, he will be unwelcoming and belligerent to those he is unfamiliar with.


Bertram is painted dark brown with red lining and has two brown plaques on either side of his saddletank with his name written in gold on his nameplates.



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