Bertie is a red bus who works near Thomas' Branch Line. He is owned by the Sodor Roadway Bus Services.


When Thomas got stuck into a snowdrift, Bertie had came to take his passengers. Later, the two met and they challenged each other to a race to see who is the fastest! Thomas eventually won, and from that day on, the two have been very firm friends indeed.

Bertie promised Thomas to deliver his passengers to Edward one day when he was very late, so he found himself chasing Edward to the station.

Bertie still occasionally races with his friend, Thomas.


Bertie is friendly and ready to help anyone in need. However, he can be quite cocky and boastful about himself, especially to Thomas, always joking around and teasing him about their races. He can sometimes be quite grumpy, as whenever he breaks down or gets stuck, he grumbles about it. He is always, however, easy-going and cheerful to everyone he sees.


Bertie is painted in the common red livery of buses in the United Kingdom, mostly famously used by London Transport.




  • Bertie is the first road vehicle introduced in the series.