Bash and Dash

Bash and Dash are fun loving steam engine twins who work on Misty Island. They are now part of the Sodor Logging Company.


Bash and Dash are mischievous twins who always finish each other's sentences. They were sent to Misty Island because they were naughty on the Mainland, but now they always try to do their best for the Fat Controller.


Bash and Dash are the wacky, mischievous Logging Loco twin engines who know each other so well that they can often finish the others' sentences. When they were on Misty Island, they were easily distracted, reckless and got very little work done and when they did work, it was in a particularly silly, wacky, or questionable manner.

However, after Thomas wound up on Misty Island, later managing to make his way back to Sodor, the twins were welcomed to the railway by the Fat Controller. The Logging Locos' outlook has now changed and they all try to be Really Useful engines.

In The Adventures on Sodor, Bash and Dash (along with Ferdinand)'s personalities are slightly different, while they mostly retain their wacky and silly behaviour, they are not as reckless as they were in the television series. The twins have also shown a tendency to laugh at engines even if they're currently facing a crisis, which results them to become even more upset then they were previously. When Ferdinand finds out about this, he will scold the twins for their behaviour and they will soon own up.


Bash's boiler, wheels and lining are painted slate grey and his cab and dome are painted amber. Dash's boiler, wheels and lining are painted amber and his cab and dome are painted slate grey. They both have the Misty Island logo, which forms as a a semi-circular symbol depicting three yellow trees with two brown axes crossing each other, on the right sides of their cabs.



  • Bash and Dash can run on either wood or oil.
  • Due to the excessive modifications from their original prototype, neither Bash nor Dash would be able to run in real life; there is no visible means as to how their cylinders turn their wheels at all.
  • Originally, OliverDuckandToad11, the series creator, wasn't going to include Bash and Dash (or Ferdinand, Flora and Ivo Hugh) in the series, but he soon changed his mind and decided to have the five aforementioned characters be featured.
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