Annie and Clarabel

Annie and Clarabel are Thomas' faithful coaches, whom he loves very much.


When Thomas saved James after an accident caused by his brakes catching fire and the troublesome trucks, he was rewarded with two coaches named Annie and Clarabel. They were old and in need of new paint, so they received a proper paintwork.

On the Hatts' holiday, The Fat Controller's wife, Lady Hatt, was hot and bothered and she took it out on Annie and Clarabel, referring to them as "beach huts on wheels". They were later given new paint jobs and Lady Hatt didn't even recognise them since they looked so splendid.


Annie and Clarabel are respectful to all of the engines, but most of all Gordon and Thomas, whilst they respect Daisy least of all for insulting them and Henrietta. They show a kind and caring side to everyone on the whole railway. However, despite their kindness and sweetness, when needed they can be stern, especially Annie, like when they scolded Thomas for teasing Gordon, however they're no saints themselves. Once when Daisy was rude to them, they naughtily tricked her into thinking that there was something wrong with her which caused confusion and delay. When the Fat Controller found out he told them that two wrongs don't make a right and that he expected better from the both of them. Annie and Clarabel are best friends, but like all friends, such as Donald and Douglas, sometimes they fall out.


Annie and Clarabel were formerly painted in an orange-tan livery with their names painted on their sides in white, but they were soon refurbished, repainted and their buffer shank housings became red at the request of Lady Hatt.




  • Originally, there were plans to give Annie and Clarabel 3D grey faces, similar to the engines, in the twelfth season, as it would be easier to animate. During the production of said season, they were referred to as Annabel and Clarabelle.
  • Their original television series models were built from Tenmille Stroudley coach kits.