'Arry and Bert

'Arry and Bert are two diesel shunters who work at the Sodor Ironworks.


'Arry and Bert were sent to Sodor in 1998 to work at the Sodor Ironworks, where they almost managed to incinerate Stepney the Bluebell Engine, who was trying to get home. Luckily, he was later saved by the Fat Controller, but the diesel twins were never discovered for messing with Stepney at the Smelter's!


'Arry and Bert are unquestionably devious and scheming. They feel superior to steam engines and, working at the scrap yards, they enjoy the chance to break up engines, or at least make their lives more difficult. Due to their grim task, they have earned a reputation on Sodor as "The Grim Messengers of Doom." However, despite their prejudices, the diesels have co-operated with steam engines on occasions, and when they are in trouble, steam engines often come to the rescue.


'Arry and Bert are painted green-grey with yellow hazard stripes on their fronts and rears and yellow cabs. They have "Sodor Ironworks" written on their sides in white.




  • The two are not quite identical: Bert has more stubble.
  • There were a few occasions where they went faster than their basis' top speed.
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